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32 | 31.8.2014 | 50 minutes ago


[FANCAM] 140830 Fans at A-nation chanting for #Tohoshinki! Look at the red ocean! ^^ http://youtu.be/w7gRO-ZtCXM

Credit: YH Ringo

10 | 31.8.2014 | 50 minutes ago


[Press Pics] 140830 Tohoshinki A-nation

12 | 31.8.2014 | 1 hour ago





30 | 31.8.2014 | 1 hour ago

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54 | 31.8.2014 | 1 hour ago

Can you name the five domes?

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15 | 31.8.2014 | 1 hour ago


As requested by anon!

A-NATION MC Translation PART 1

when i put ____ means I couldn’t catch that part. Due to sound quality i have more parts that i couldn’t catch compared to other vids i translated


YH: Today was really extremely hot wasn’t it?

CM: Everyone good evening, this is Changmin! It’s been about 2 months since Tohoshinki this year’s Live Tour. And the weather is _____ (t/n: couldn’t catch but i think he said the temperature is getting cooler?) but still, this stadium is super crazily hot!

YH: And also, until yesterday it was raining, but today is_____ it feels nice! today also, should we we all become one and have fun!? I’m also nervous right now (doki-doki). Today please take care of us well.

CM: alright now, please listen to the next song

27:46 - 35:04

YH: Is everyone having fun??? This is

YH+CM: Tohoshinki.

*changmin was drinking water so his timing was bad

CM: Sorry  _____ pardon me

YH: well…

CM: but… it’s extremely hot isn’t it?

YH: it is. and of course the power of the audience in this place is really hot (t/n: as in passionate) and it feels nice. but today Tohoshinki would like to do our best so that we wouldn’t to lose for everyone!

YH: I had a dripping in a moment there, sorry. Because it’s really hot, I… jacket…

CM: you want to take it off?

YH: Yes I want to take it off. Is it okay Changmin sensei?

CM: Go ahead. Naked would also be okay, wouldn’t it?

YH: ey, not until there. we shouldn’t go there. excuse me, I’ll be taking it off for a moment

*yunho trying to left stage but he went to the wrong direction

CM: Sensei, it’s not there, it’s the opposite side. before tonight i’ve said it for idk how many times already.

YH: This is live’s ____ (t/n: idk glitch?)

*drum roll

CM: hm, the drum was unnecessary. it’s unnecessary.

CM: well, right now a cool breeze is blowing but really, today everyone’s passion was amazing. yeay. And above that, yesterday, for Tohoshinki’s fanclub, bigeast, uhm, there’s this thing in which i believe all bigeast members have known already, some kind of “mission” thingy, they have it right? And so before tonight we took a video of it and it really, it rrreeeallly required physical activity. So before tonight we did an excessive …. *yunho appeared*

YH: Yes I understand. excuse me sensei _____, see you later

CM: It looks comfortably cool

YH: Yes it’s nice. Does tonight feels good?

*CM left stage while taking off his vest and all the audience were screaming because of it

YH: Please concentrate on Yunho!! Right now is my timing. Yunho time. Today is a-nation and of course Tohoshinki is giving our best, and also the other artists had given their best to perform good music for everyone, so i’m asking for your support. So now we would like to perform with higher tension!

*changmin appeared

YH: anyway changmin, i think today we have a very important announcement?

CM: We have

YH: We have?

CM: We have

YH: Why?

CM: not why, but what

YH: what is it?

CM: Tohoshinki

YH: Tohoshinki?

CM: *whispers

YH: just as he said!


CM: What could it be?

YH: Thanks to everyone, it’s decided that next year Tohoshinki will have a 5 Dome tour!!!!

CM: Nice isn’t it?

YH: Yes it’s nice. Everyone was surprised right? I was also surprised

CM: I heard that between the fans there’s a rumor that 2014 might be the last as in some had predicted that there can’t be one next year.

YH: yes it seems like it, but i’m not done here yet!

CM: and btw, we have 5 dome tour, right? do you remember where the 5 domes are?

YH: obviously! *he got tongue twisted while saying obviously* tokyo, osaka, sapporo, nagoya, nagoya, nagoya, fukuoka!

CM: It’s been a while since our last dome tour so we’re excited aren’t we?

YH: It was announced today and so we would like to do our best for this upcoming tour. Everyone please take care of us.

CM: so let’s go to the next song?

YH: Let’s do it. So starting from this next song, i want everyone to scream. Is everyone ready!? Everyone in the back ok?? ________ ok? (t/n: he got tongue twisted again so i couldn’t catch), it’s because i feel happy today. And btw, because today we have a lot of other artists’s fans too, i’m thinking of showing tohoshinki’s charm.

CM: so, i don’t think we need _____. please listen to next song.

from translator: If anyone could help me fill in the blanks please leave a message in the ask box :D i will surely correct the post and give credit to the corrector. and sorry if there’s any typo, i’m doing this in a hurry.

48 | 31.8.2014 | 8 hours ago

Changmin - Josei Seven Magazine


CM: Well, I am still not really get used to this …. (smiled wryly)

Was he nervous because this interview/photo shoot was his solo work without Yunho? or This was because he was in front of female reporters who are too excited to lean forward to him? This was the first words from Changmin.

Following the release of 「TOHOSHINKI LIVE TOUR 2014 TREE」 DVD & Blu ray featuring this year’s live tour, we are anticipating the release of 「Mmi」 DVD where he played the main character for the second time.

Every year, Tohoshinki has showed us their performance that is much more powered-up and in much higher quality than the previous year’s. However, I wonder how much pressure they are under when people keep expecting them to perform better.


CM: I feel tons of pressure. Although I and the other member, Yunho are still young, we feel that our physical conditions are gradually getting weaker (our physical energy is going down slowly). Our stuffs do not understand that! Because if we look at the set list of the concert, we can tell that they do not consider about our health conditions at all.

He complained about it in an earnest but also cute fashion, and that made reporters laugh.

CM: About singing, I feel that I did all my best!.. but about acting, I think I need more time and patience to completely understand the feelings of the character. Through my career as a singer, I express one’s inner feelings. Through that, I believe I can get the way how to express inner feelings and also know-hows. It is really enjoyable when I am able to act using such know-hows.

He sounded like that he already found his original way of acting after working on his second main role.


During the interview, Changmin used a lot of gestures and explained in details such as his tension at the live tour, his feelings during filming his drama, his conditions through his own words that were carefully chosen.

In the limited time (time constraint), the reporters asked him about his drama or live, back and forth, Changmin gave us answers that are precisely and full of wit. He was very bright as he is Max Changmin.

CM: I was really shy when I was a student.. I did not even have a single female friend and I regret that very much… so (my heart) was healed through acting the role (first pure love of high school students).

(T/N: The rest of the magazine article was not about his interview so I omitted to translate)

Source: OurChangmin

Translation: beriko0214

Shared by: DBSKNights

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53 | 31.8.2014 | 8 hours ago

140830 - Taemin Speaks About “Ace”, the Lyrics of Which are Written by Changmin

Note: Only Minrelevant parts translated.

For “Ace”, the lyrics were written by TVXQ’s Max Changmin, Taemin’s senior in the same company. Not just from the dance choreography, it is a song which can make one feel the sexiness of a man from the lyrics too. Taemin said, “It seems like they are honest lyrics. There are no aspects of that where the public will see it as being young. It seemed like it would be great to display it honestly, and I did not want to hide anything. It’s also not that it is excessive, I wanted to say that stories of love to this extent are fine.”

He added, “The lyrics were extremely good. I wanted to try out stories of love so much. For SHINee, like “Juliet” and “Lucifer”, there were many stories of love which were a little unrealistic. It was great that I was able to express things which were honest this time around.” He also revealed the truth that the lyrics of “Ace” were revised. When asked if the standard of the lyrics were high before revision, Taemin hinted, “It’s not that the standard was bad, but that it was a little more straightforward.” (me: HAHA ie more sexy?)

Source: News1

Translation: mug_ping

Shared by: TVXQ! Express

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59 | 31.8.2014 | 8 hours ago

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15 | 31.8.2014 | 8 hours ago

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