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20141018 SMTOWN in Shanghai cr:as tagged


20141018 SMTOWN in Shanghai
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141018 Shanghai

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[VIDEO] 東方神起 / 「TimeWorksWonders」 サンドアートVer (Sand Art ver.) http://youtu.be/UnZldVWJ0RE

Credit: avexnetwork


141020 TVXQ releases unique PV for “Time Works Wonders”

TVXQ returns with an alternative video of for their Japanese single “Time Works Wonders” which is included in their single album, “Baby Don’t Cry”.

For their upcoming single, TVXQ is taking a new direction with a non-traditional PV featuring a sand artist who creates portraits fitting of the slow ballad. It was released through Avex Network‘s official Youtube channel on October 19th.

Previously, TVXQ released a short version featuring Changmin and Yunho singing together as well as a 60-second teaser spot. “Baby Don’t Cry” will be released with “Time Works Wonders” in several versions including a CD, CD+DVD and a CD version that will be limited to official fans.

The duo was also recently featured in a Koreaboo special: K-POP BROTHERS: 12 HEARTWARMING PHOTOS OF TVXQ YUNHO & CHANGMIN.

Check out the new PV and watch as two beautiful masterpieces are created right before your eyes.

Source: Avex Network
Credit: koreaboo

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Now.SMTOWN Gallery Update:  TVXQ @ SMTOWN Live World Tour IV in Shanghai

Credit: now.smtown

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141004 | SMTOWN LIVE World Tour IV in Tokyo

141004 | SMTOWN LIVE World Tour IV in Tokyo

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